Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Busy month of March

Seems like the rolling ball is gathering speed. This month we made loads of changes, and Audrey is almost there with the full EP.

Some of the things that we've done include:

  • Introducing composting. We now have compost caddys at all recycling points and in the cafe. We've got a composting tumbler in the back garden.

  • Sourcing biodegradable cleaning supplies and recycled toilet roll.

  • Setting up a new intranet site for staff specifically for the EP so they can see what's going on and get involved

  • Starting power monitoring on all the computers

  • Improving our recycling points once again. Ray did an autopsy of our recycling and discovered that the majority of our recycling is plastic milk bottles. (There is an easy solution for this in the cafe and I'll blog separately about that)

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