Monday, 17 August 2009

In with the new and re-use the old....

Over the last week we took delivery of over a 1000 new climbing holds. Following on from the previous blog you will know that we are only purchasing holds from selected manufactures that we deem to be as sustainable as we can find whilst maintaining absolute quality. So if we are in with the new what’s occurring with all the old holds?

Yeah sure we could just lob them at a Chinese land fill and forget about it but what about our ambitious zero waste to landfill by 2015 target?

So I put the word out that we are giving away vast quantities of our old holds to charitable organisations or to other good homes. So far we have given around 500 holds to Greenpeace UK which got their first outing at this year’s Glastonbury Climbing wall. We have also given 250+ holds to Baranbas adventure charity. James Hodges from Baranbas;

“The climbing holds are now being put into place, routes are being created and the wall is starting to take shape....Without your help and support this would never have happened in the time frame that we have now achieved - so many thanks for all your help”.

In the local area Dean Plant (Castle head instructor) is working with some youth clubs on the Woodberry Down and Mydleton Grange estates to build traversing walls that will have all the holds supplied by the Castle.



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