Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Powered out...part 1

Our IT superhero, John, has installed a nifty bit of software that helps us keep track of how much power we are wasting by leaving our computers turned on when we’re not using them. We’ve tracked this for the last two weeks without implementing any kind of policy to determine what our baseline is and to see which computers are the most prone to being left idle. The results are in and we’ve clocked up a terrible 719 inactive hours. On average the computers are inactive but left on about half the time. So lots of room for improvement there… I’ll report back in two weeks to see how much we’ve improved!


  1. nice, what program did he use?

  2. PowerMAN Power Manager Server 5.1.0
    You can email johnb@castle-climbing.co.uk (our IT Manager) if you'd like to find out more.