Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Annual Enviromental Report - 2008

Well if you're looking for some riveting reading this weekend, I can't do better than recommend our Annual Enviromental Report. This covers the period between January and December 2008 and will act as the baseline year for us to measure our improvements from. It took a little while to put together because we've had to do a lot of research about the methodology and we've tried to format it so that it will work consistently with future reports.

The short story is that we were directly responsible for 136.79 tonnes of CO2e. Rubbish. That's nearly 50 return flights to Australia. That would take 137 trees one century to absorb. Most of it is due to the electricity and heating we used. We're working on that.
We're monitoring all of our circuits to find out where this electricity is being used. We're considering ways of running the Cafe using less energy. We're looking at how we can modify the building so that the heating and ventilation can be done without too much power. We're going to change over all of our lighting to low-energy lighting and we'll probably repaint the walls and floor tiles so that we need less light. So that's what's on the cards for 2010.

Annual Environmental Report 2008

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