Wednesday, 10 February 2010

new training room - an eco build project

We have built a new training room in the centre. As this is first chance we have had to build something from scratch since we have implemented our environmental policy we have spent quite a lot of time and effort in sourcing suitable environmentally friendly methods to do the build.

This is a breakdown of the features of the new room:

• We have opted for timber instead of steel for the supporting structure and staircase. All timber is FSC. No MDF.
• Plasterboard containing recycled gypsum was sourced although we couldn't get 100% recycled. • Insulation: We reviewed several types of natural insulation including wool, hemp, recycled newspaper but we settled on Steicoflex which is made from wood fibre (FSC).
• We used non-PVC wiring.
• We have fitted an under floor heating system because it will work well with low energy heating systems like ground source heat pumps. This is a low temp water system. Pipes are PEXpipe (cross linked polyehtelene with oxygen barrier), manifold and pump by IPPEC Ltd.
• In terms of waste the main commitment has been using a skip company that recycles 99% of building waste although some off cuts of timber have gone to staff and customers as fuel for wood burning stoves.
• Carpet: reclaimed carpet tiles from Fuller Gray Carpets
• Paint:
Walls: ECOS solvent free environmentally friendly paint
Woodwork: reuse of otherwise wasted paint from existing stores.
• Lights: 2 LED panels by SMD 600 x 600 panel. Power 33W colour 5500K
• GU10 fittings with LED bulbs: Trialled Exergi 4W cool white, this was too cool so we have ordered an equivalent 4 W warm white from Excled- It also has 3 Cree LEDs
• Natural Ventilation system with stack effect.
• Re used old doors.
• Used old sink and fittings for the pantry.
• We are using natural lino for the pantry floor.

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