Tuesday, 28 June 2011

All talk

Back in April I was asked to go to the annual Innovation for Extremes Conference (Innov-ex) to make a presentation about our journey towards sustainability at The Castle. The conference is held at Lancaster University Business School and was originally set up to promote innovation in the textiles field of outdoor equipment manufacture. However, in the last few years the focus of the conference has shifted to encompass sustainability as well.

You can see my presentation “Committing to sustainability” on their web site http://innovation-for-extremes.net/blog/steve-taylor-castle-climbing-committing-to-sustainability. The whole conference was very interesting. It was great to see what other groundbreaking companies are doing on the sustainability front.

My presentation was very well received and I’ve had a lot of people contact me to find out more. One of them, Sarah Howcroft from Rohantime, asked me to do an interview for her readers and you can see the results here http://rohantime.com/18920/the-greenest-line/
I think the piece is quite a good summary of where we started and how the story has progressed so far.

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